Library of models to test connected FMUs leading to mixed Real/Boolean systems of equations over connected FMUs


Extends from Modelica.Icons.Package (Icon for standard packages).

Package Content

Name Description
FMITest.MixedSystems.OneDiode OneDiode Test of an electrical circuit with one ideal diode leading to a mixed system of equations
FMITest.MixedSystems.TwoInertiasWithFriction TwoInertiasWithFriction Test of two coupled Coulomb friction elements leading to a mixed system of equations
FMITest.MixedSystems.AutomaticGearbox AutomaticGearbox Test of coupled clutches and brakes with Boolean open/close flags leading to a mixed system of equations with Real and Booleans in the interfaces between FMUs
FMITest.MixedSystems.AutomaticGearboxWithDynamicStateSelection AutomaticGearboxWithDynamicStateSelection Same as model AutomaticGearbox, but with the additional difficulty, that dynamic state selection takes place during simulation
FMITest.MixedSystems.DiscontinuousMixedSystem DiscontinuousMixedSystem Two inertias coupled with an idealized gear with efficiency leading to a mixed system of equations where the equations are discontinuous at an event
FMITest.MixedSystems.DiscreteContinuousNonLinear DiscreteContinuousNonLinear Nonlinear system of equation with discrete part that requires to lock relations at events in order that in the inner loop the real nonlinear algebraic equation system can be solved.

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